WordPress App…

    After testing the WordPress app, it feels a little slow and sluggish to me. When pasting an article from another of my blogs, editing in the New Post gets quite messed up. It doesn’t recognize text, puts multiple lines of text into one line… making it impossible to edit. I’ve found minimizing the keyboard somewhat fixes it. Just tap back into the text editor and it switches back to normal. Only to do it again after a little more editing. Overall a beautiful app.

    Just needs a little speed improvement and fixed bugs editing pasted content!

   Overall = 3/5


Alan Quandt and theDigitalCraft

    Not many posts today, But I really wanna get the word out of  a great man I know, Alan Quandt. He runs a website called theDigitalCraft(full of Blogs and tutorials) and personal website AlanQuandt.com

    Alan has been a big inspiration and helped me immensely, I really strongly reccomend donating a few bucks at theDigitialCraft.com… after all, its guys like Alan that make websites such a joy to look at. He inspires a lot of young people including myself, and has giving kick starts to all his followers. He delivers all his content free of charge… now come on… he has a job and kids and to take time to do this for everybody out here is just amazing. 1 dollar is like 100 dollars to us.
    Thank you guys, – PrimeTechSource

I’m 90% liking this. Great design I think… as I am a big Sports Center user.


ESPN (s dis) is giving sports fans a way to hook up to its firehose of content with a new Twitter-style stream called SportsCenter Feed. The sports cable and online network is amassing almost every bit of content it pushes out over ESPN.com into a single feed, more than 1,000 updates a day.

The feed, which is in beta and will be accessible through ESPN.com, will include personalization and filtering tools so users can narrow the focus of the updates they see. For now, users will be able to select their favorite team or sports league but eventually it will include filters for players and conferences.

Users who create an account will be able to click on any update and view it in a larger window. It will include stories, blog posts, videos, pictures and score updates but it won’t include longer journalism pieces at launch or content from Grantland

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Which Operating System Do Use?

Personal Preference, I use Windows 7. Mainly because it’s the cheaper OS (Besides the Linux & Ubuntu) Though MAC is sleek. Windows is my Prefered Operating System.

Let me know what OS you use.