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Battle of the Browsers

    Today I have for you my Personal experiences with three android web browsers that all perform quite nicely. Though they are intact very nice web browsers, they all have their ups and downs like everything we know and love.

        + Opera Mni #4

        My experience with opera was a pretty decent one, I love the darker interface and its speed. The UI was sleek and clean, which really caught my eye. The speed was quite impressive and what thrilled me the most. After playing with it I found one problem that was a Major turn off. The way it displayed most mobile pages, and auto-zoomed when you click on a text field. Other then that I might have made this my Main web browser.

        * User Interface
        * Darker look unlike all other bright browsers
        * Overall Speed


        * The way it handles Mobile Pages and auto-zooms text fields

        + Firefox #3

        I use Firefox and Chrome as my Main Browers on my PC, was hoping for it to be the same throughout all my devices. I believe after a few updates it may infact be that way for Firefox. I am a big fan of tabbed browsing, but Firefox just doesn’t suit my fancy. I don’t like the way you have to click to get to your tabs. I also found out of the four that Firefox was the slowest, again, just needs a few more updates.


        * Handles Web Pages Very Nicely
        * Settings and Options


        * Tabbed Browsing
        * Overall Speed

        + Chrome #2

        Though this browser doesn’t work on my Kindle Fire running a ICS ROM I have tried the latest version. I love everything about this browser, speed, looks, tabbed browsing. Though if actually doesn’t work so it isn’t my main browser… but it would tie for first with my next browser of choice.


        *User Interface
        * Speed
        * Tabbed browsing they nailed perfectly
        * Settings and Options


        * None at the moment…

        + Dolphin Browser #1

        Nothing but a good review here… Everything works flawlessly and fast. I absolutely love the UI and the plethora of settings. Not to mention all the neat Add-Ons which are amazing. This browser I have used the most and had the least amount of problems with. From the settings, to the User Accounts, to the Downloads section, by far my favorite browser. I suggest Dolphin Browser to any and all Android Users, it is the premium web browser on android.


        * User Interface
        * Very Intuitive
        * Gestures… (for those who like them)
        * Add-Ons
        Tabbed Browsing Experience


        * None… never had any complaints with Dolphin Browser

    Thats my evaluation of some of the biggest Browser names, and the most popular Browsers… These are all my own personal thoughts. They were all experienced on my own device in all different settings and these are my results.

            – Prime Tech Source

Bing-It-Ons Big Statement

    Big name, BING, of of the top Internet Search Engines… says people choose bing results 2 to 1 in a blind search study.


As seen in this picture BING has hardly no edge over Google with my searches. After all my searches Google won all of them accept a draw that resulted with no matched search results. BUT,  had more results and better results. After all this I say this… Google won, top to bottom, inside out… plain and simple… Google.


    Winning Search Engine

            – Prime Tech Source

Biggest Name in Search since the Dictionary

    Today, us proud citizens salute the birthday of a hero…. at only then age of 14. No that’s how it goes down. But yes, as of today we celebrate the 14th Birthday of a name everybody should be familiar with, Google


    Nowadays we use Google for all sorts of things…

        + checking the latest news with apple

        + reading up on the new wndows 8 phones

        + or checking out the latest and greatest Gaming Console

    But nevertheless, Google user, BING user, yahoo search user. We all know the name and have tried Google. So heres to you Google on your 14th Birthday,

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Google
Happy Birthday to You!!

Kindle Fire HD 7 in. Tablet

The kindle fire HD is genuinely the best 7in. Tablet around. Dual-Band WiFi, Bluetooth… this device is just crazy. It has a beautiful display and very bright! And dark when need be it. If you are in the market for a tablet, I strongly recommend getting THIS tablet. Go to Amazon and buy it, I mean after all… this is an Amazon Product! Amazons’ top of the line HD tablets offer the premiere user experience… all bundled in one.

Box… cloud storage

    There once was a app named box… kinda weird right? Not, box is great cloud app. Now some have seen the 50gb free cloud storage, not to mention the jump from upload capacity of 25mb files size, to 100mb file size. But that offer is long gone. UNLESS, you are on an Lg android, or a Xperia device. Then the offer is available to you until December 31st 2012.


    I love the app, but limiting the few 50gb is just cruel. That’s like giving it to a box of mike and ikes and saying only mike have it. We are all the same in the and android world, why cut us short?


    But nevertheless I still use it. With all these cloud apps you can get 50gb + free, but that requires 10+ apps. Not to mention, the struggle to remember what files are on which of the ten million apps you have.

    I’ve heard many people wondering if these apps are even secure, and not rip-offs. Well, box is 100% “legit” as most people would say it nowadays. You’ve got nothing to lose, except all those very, very, very important files that you didn’t backup or store in the cloud, with box.

    4 of 5 stars. Great app… feel it doesn’t want to upload certain files. But retry and they’ll upload as long as they’re not over 25mb in size, unless you have the free upgraded version. Then feel free to upload monster files of up to 100mb

            – PrimeTechSource

WordPress App…

    After testing the WordPress app, it feels a little slow and sluggish to me. When pasting an article from another of my blogs, editing in the New Post gets quite messed up. It doesn’t recognize text, puts multiple lines of text into one line… making it impossible to edit. I’ve found minimizing the keyboard somewhat fixes it. Just tap back into the text editor and it switches back to normal. Only to do it again after a little more editing. Overall a beautiful app.

    Just needs a little speed improvement and fixed bugs editing pasted content!

   Overall = 3/5